About Our Honey

We are a honey bee company located in Harrison County West Virginia. We currently have hives in Shinnston, and Salem, WV. Our bees never leave the state.

Our honey is 100% natural, raw, unprocessed, and unfiltered which by nature is organic but we are not certified as organic. We do not use any pesticides on our land but bees can fly 2 to 3 miles to collect nectar and pollen and possibly fly into a neighboring land of flowers that we have no control over. The truth is there is no certified organic honey made in the continental United States. Any USA Certified Organic honey sold in the United States is imported from other countries and certified organic by that country.

Honey FAQ

Raw Honey is only strained for big pieces of wax and whatever debris that may have been picked up from the hive. Such as a bee leg. It is not micro-filtered nor pasteurized, which means all the nutrients, antioxidants, flavor, and pollen that honey naturally contains are retained.

Essentially Raw Honey will never spoil if properly stored. Keep your honey clean and free of food particles as other foods dropping in the honey could cause it to go bad. Although raw honey can and probably will crystalize, that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

The best way to store honey in a kitchen pantry at around normal room temperature. Make sure to keep your honey free of food particles. Never store honey in your fridge or anyplace exposed to high temperatures and direct sun.

Don’t worry, it is perfectly natural for raw honey to crystalize and it doesn’t mean your honey is bad. It’s actually a good sign. If your honey does crystalize just take off the lid and place the jar/bottle into a pot of hot water. Not boiling water, don’t want to cook the honey, just let the water warm the honey. Never microwave honey.

Honey Foam is the result of tiny air bubbles created during bottling. Once the bottled honey sets all the air bubbles will raise to the top giving you the honey foam.