8 Ways To Use Beeswax

ways to use beeswax

Ways To Use Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural product that has been used for centuries and comes from the honeycomb created by honeybees. Beeswax can be found in candles, cosmetics, furniture polish, chewing gum, and much more! In this blog post, we’ll skip over the common crafts and explore 8 ways to use beeswax to make your life easier.

Lubricate Wood

There are a few tricks to using beeswax in your home. One is by using this natural lubricant on squeaky drawers and doors, which will make them easier for you to open without making too much noise! Simply rub it on the runners of your favorite dresser drawer and it should glide easier!


Waterproofing is often overlooked but is an awesome use for beeswax. Shoes, belts, straps, tools, and many other items can be waterproofed using beeswax. Simply rub the item you wish to waterproof with beeswax and then slightly heat the item to allow the wax to bond with the fibers of the material. The beeswax will create a waterproof coating over the item blocking water from passing through.

Protect Bronze Items

This is a simple trick. One of the best ways to protect your bronze items from tarnishing is with beeswax. Warm a small bar of beeswax, then rub it on and buff off until you have left an even coat that will last for years!

Prevent Tools from Rusting

Beeswax is a natural substance that’s been used for centuries to protect metal from corrosion. This can be used on a shovel, hand saw, screwdriver, and many other metal tools. To use, simply warm the beeswax and rub on the metal parts. Great way to prevent rust and protect your tools from the elements.

Natural Non-stick Pan

Beeswax is a great way to make your favorite pans more non-stick. All you have to do is rub some beeswax into the cooking surface and buff out any excess with a cloth. This will leave behind an all natural, non stick food safe coating.

Unstick Zippers

Say good-bye to those hard to zip zippers. Rubbing beeswax on the teeth of zippers will help the zipper to move more freely. Makes those annoying zippers zip with ease.

Sewing Aid

In the past, sewing with waxed thread was common practice to ensure that it would not unravel or knot. Applying beeswax to your thread is simple and will make it easier to work with. After cutting your desired length of thread, put the thread around the beeswax block and slide it all around the block. You may need to apply some pressure on the thread to make sure it is cutting into the beeswax. Now you should have a thread with a light coat of beeswax and ready to start sewing.

Non Stick Grill

One of the cool ways to use beeswax is on the grill. While the grill is turned off simply rub warm beeswax on the grilling rack. This will help coat the rack to prevent food residue buildup and make for easier cleanup after grilling.


Beeswax is a versatile and natural product that can be used for all sorts of projects. Whether you’re looking to lubricate wood, waterproof metal, protect bronze items, or prevent rusting on tools, beeswax has your back. This simple solution also doubles as an effective non-stick surface in the kitchen when rubbed onto cooking pans! If this sounds like something you might need at home today, pick up a couple of our beeswax bars while supplies last. We hope we can help make your life easier with these 8 creative uses for one amazing product!