Welcome to Hive & Holler, the heart and soul of a family-owned apiary nestled in the lush hills of West Virginia. Our story is one of passion and dedication, beginning in 2018 when our founder, Mike Flanigan, decided to transform his father’s Salem farmland into a buzzing haven for bees. With only two hives to start with, Mike discovered his calling in beekeeping, a vocation that quickly became an enduring love.

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Mike’s high school sweetheart and wife, Amanda, joined him in this labor of love as the indispensable ‘apiary assistant’. Their unwavering dedication to the craft of beekeeping propelled their venture to new heights each passing year. This expansion led to the establishment of a second apiary in Shinnston, WV, resulting in the flourishing and prosperous apiary that exists today.

Our inspiration is rooted in nature and the tireless work ethic of honeybees. We take immense pride in our personal touch, pouring our heart and soul into every aspect of our operation. From the careful tending of our buzzing hives to the creation of our natural products, each step is carried out with unswerving attention and care.

At Hive & Holler, we strongly believe in providing safe, healthy alternatives to everyday chemical-laden products. Our beeswax and honey form the basis of these alternatives. We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our recipes, testing and tweaking them hundreds of times until we arrived at the perfect formula. The result? High-quality products that you can trust and enjoy using.

But our mission extends beyond merely providing high-quality products. We aim to help you reconnect with nature in a fun and meaningful way, fostering a lifestyle that brings you closer to the earth and its bounty.

We invite you to delve deeper into our story, explore our range of products, and join us on this beautiful journey. Experience the joy of using products that are not just good for you, but also kind to the planet. Try Hive & Holler today and feel the difference that genuine passion and quality can make.